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Sea Optimism is an NGO that aims to educate and create a network of marine conservationists.

Who We Are

Young, passionate, and optimistic.

We share a great love of the ocean and all it’s wonderful creatures, and like many divers, we have been devastated by the increase in ocean litter
Working across several countries we believes we must work together to fight plastic pollution and find solutions to the worlds current plastic demands.

Our Aims

To Educate all ages.
To create a network of conservationists.
To promote alternatives to plastic products.

Want to get involved?

Find our nearest event to you here.
Share your beach clean picture with us on social media; Instagram or Facebook.
Contact us regarding school workshops.

Can you donate?

We are a no profit organisation and so any donation you can make will go straight to beach cleaning equipment and school resources.

Our Latest Posts

We have started a ‘Fridays Fun Fact’, this is that latest one – 19/06/2020

As we begin to come out of lock down we must remember the impacts of these single use items. – 17/06/2020


We celebrated World Oceans Day with out transitional sign from plastic waste.
– 08/06/2020

Contact Us

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