In Marseille

Catalans Beach (07/10/2019)

In October, we went to Catalans Beach in Marseille. It’s a natural famous beach just next to the city.
During 10min we cleaned the sand and we took off the plastic.
Look how many we found just during 10min:

it’s more than 530 pieces of plastic in the majority.

Litters details of the beach cleaning

  • 20 straw from caprisone
  • 48 lollipop stick
  • 15 normal straw
  • 1 pen
  • 1 piece of pinned
  • 1 piece of hanger
  • 13 cigarette buttom
  • 7 pieces of plastic in form of cross

  • 2 piece of baloon
  • 36 pieces of cup
  • 9 piece of plastic wrap or plastic bag
  • More than 200 PIECES of PLASTIC mixed

And finally around 143 very SMALL PIECES of circular plastic. It was difficult to see but it was here!!

What is it ? It’s the first face of plastic before any transformation.

Why it’s here? Probably because a boat lose his shipment..

Could you image how many plastic I took out of the beach just with my 2 hands during 10 min? It’s absolutely huge.
Which kind of waste marks we found? The wrap of kleenex, wrap of chocolate barre like granola, Hollywood packaging, kinder…

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