About Us

Amelia Newman

Amelia has finished her Ocean Science and Marine Conservation degree and she’s living in Plymouth, south of UK.

Julie Marty Gastaldi

Julie is studying Marine Conservation (MSc MARRES) in Nice, south of France.

We came up with the idea of Sea Optimism during our internships in Cyprus. We were two girls from the opposite sides of the world, and only having known each other for just a month, we were both heartbroken by a huge waste up of litter and debris. After spending hours cleaning the water and rocks we then proceeded to sort and count the litter – finding it had originated from all over the world.

Currently there is no global net work to log your beach clean, litter surveys, and plastic findings – but we want to provide that. We currently keep log of all our surveys and those sent in to us, we then share this knowledge as far as we can. We would like to share our projects and knowledge with everyone, through awareness-raising actions and interventions in schools. We would like to include everyone in this cause, in particular the other associations, in order to join forces and skills in the field and gain efficiency.

Our Vaules

Conserving the Oceans

The earths oceans not only contain some of the most beautiful organisms imaginable, but it also provides key resources for human survival.


Conservation is about working together to achieve for the greater good, therefore we want to bring other association together to build skills and efficiency.

Sharing Knowledge

We believe it is important to increase public awareness, especially for the younger generation who can make a real change from the get go.

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